Why would a year for general amenorrhoea menopause period?

Why would a year for general amenorrhoea menopause period?
Menopause is a clear sign of menopause, but it does not include the whole process of menopause. The ovary begins to decline gradually, the function is gradually declining, about three years, known as the early menopause. Most women experience a long or short period of menstrual disorders, the more common is the suspension of 2~3 months or six months. Then suddenly cramps 1~2 times, or continuous bleeding for more than a month that Yu Tian 10. And can be in a few days of bleeding between the bleeding. In short. Menopause may occur in a variety of ways.
If you do not appear for a consecutive year of menstruation, the general can be considered that the follicle has lost a lot of stimulating hormone secretion of the pituitary gland in response to the. There will not be any bleeding. Many studies show that. The length of menopause is influenced by many factors. But for each person, what kind of menopause and way, what causes, there is no law to follow, can only wait for a year without menstruation, to think that ovarian function has been failure to no matter how big the stimulus can not cause obvious reaction. At this time has entered the menopause. Except for the effect of a certain disease, or the use of estrogen replacement therapy. Direct action in the endometrium induced hyperplasia or menopause a year later appears again uterus bleeding should be detailed and careful examination in order to detect uterine or ovarian malignant lesions.
Therefore, the amenorrhea as in menopause period is according to a lot of investigation and analysis, obtained the conclusion is accord with the female gonads in the change process of.

What age is the female general in menopause?

What age is the female general in menopause? What are the factors that affect the age of menopause?
The present data show that the average age of women in most countries and regions is 48~50 years old. The average age of women in our country is 49.5 years old. There are many factors that influence the age of menopause, the common factors are as follows:
The age of menopause is related to the genetic factors, the climate, the social and family economic status, and the nutrition and other factors. The age of menopause is often delayed, but the long-term malnutrition, and the smoking of tobacco are often delayed.
In addition. Menopausal age and menarche, age of marriage, pregnancy, birth order for soldiers; there is a certain relationship. Diabetes, uterine fibroids, uterine cervical polyps, uterine cancer and breast cancer disease, patients often accompanied by delayed menopause, and ovarian cancer, vulvar cancer and senile vulvar itching patients is often associated with menopause shifts to an earlier date, general consumption of disease,, IL, t exposure to radiation, performed surgical damage to the blood supply to the ovaries or suffering from severe reproductive tract infection, serious damage to the ovarian structure, may be early menopause.

Why modern women’s menopause age in advance?

Why modern women’s menopause age in advance?
Now a lot of women in the age of about 35 years of menopause syndrome, the academic community known as recessive menopause. May have the following reasons: early modern women menarche age, with an average of 12.5 years, an average of 19 for primitive society of female menstruation menarche age. Two is the reduction of fertility, as in pregnancy.

Within a few years of lactation, ovarian is not ovulation, which saves a lot of follicles. Three is the rhythm of life, the spirit of extreme tension, vitamin, trace elements, physical activity decreased, coupled with obesity, chronic diseases and other reasons, reduce the sensitivity of the original follicle to pituitary hormone, the number of closed follicles increased, the number of mature follicles decreased, due to this, the age of menopause in advance.

So. Women should be in advance for the menopause women’s health, in order to delay the age of menopause, is conducive to improving the quality of life of menopause women. Although the genetic genes control the number of primordial follicles. However, environmental factors determine the number of mature follicles, therefore, it can be improved by improving the environmental factors to delay the age of menopause. Such as to strengthen the movement, improve nutrition, improve the quality of marriage, maintain the psychological balance, to give up smoking, improve the professional status. Enhance physical fitness, weight loss, etc.. For menopausal women’s health must not be at the beginning of menopause syndrome, and should be at the age of 30 to start. At the same time, the annual survey of two estrogen levels. Get a normal level, as a reference value, to guide the menopause hormone replacement therapy, adhere to the lack of the number of principles, so that the female hormone to maintain the normal level, improve the effectiveness and safety of hormone replacement therapy.

How to predict female menopause?

How to predict female menopause?
Female menopause symptoms or early symptoms are obvious, can pass the indicators
Predict menopause:
(1) by the family genetic prediction due to the age of the menopause and genetic factors have a certain relationship, so, the grandmother, mother, siblings, the age of menopause can be as granddaughter, daughter, sister into the age of menopause prediction.
(2) according to the menarche age predicted the majority of menopausal age is confirmed by the observation of and age at menarche and menopause age is negatively correlated, that is, age at menarche sooner, menopause, menopausal age more later. On the contrary, age at menarche more late, age of menopause sooner.
(3) menstrual disorders are the ultimate manifestation of the final pre menopausal period, which is usually in the form of menopause, menopause, menopause, menopause, etc.. Menopause is one of the important indexes to enter menopause.
(4) prior to menopause, women have some symptoms before entering menopause. If menstruation is accurate, the former has no special discomfort, the sudden pain in one breast before menstruation, the mood is not stable. Insomnia, headache, abdominal distension, limb edema the premenstrual tension syndrome; in addition, irritability, anxiety, paranoia, mood changes, but also into the menopause aura.
Through the above prediction methods and their own physical and mental feelings, the majority of women can know whether they have entered the menopause.

What is the female menopause?

what is the female menopause?
Menopause is a transitional period from the middle age to the elderly in the life of women. From a physiological state, it means the transition period from the female to the complete loss of reproductive function. This is a long and gradual process, which includes the slow decline of ovarian function. Menstrual disorders to stop, reproductive capacity to terminate. The process of slowly aging, such as genital atrophy, can be from nearly 40 years old, after 10 years to 20 years. Menopause is the ultimate sign of menopause, but premenopausal Pat has a series of changes, so it will be menopause called for perimenopausal period, this period is divided into pre menopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women. As the menopause is an important and physiological changes in the process of human aging in particular, many women have different symptoms of menopause, the quality of life of many families may have an impact, and therefore must be caused by social and family attention and concern.